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Video: Do you believe the Bible the way it was written?!

More Videos Coming Soon! Also Planning to Make Channels for Groups and/or Individuals!


Videos & Audios that may help with your Bible Study

Hopefully in 2022 we will be able to do studies on video and post it here.

Disclaimer: I may not agree with all their doctrine, but I feel these videos will be a help.

Video: All Bibles in Wrong Order & Change the Number of Books!

Trey Smith of God in a Nutshell: NOAH: the TRUTH is BIGGER than you thought, the Journey Begins

Pastor Bryan Denlinger: the Dangers of Single Christian Women

Videos I Fully Support & Agree!

Reversing Type 2 Diabetes with 100% Whole Food GTF Chromium

Robert Scott Bell: The Truth About Cholesterol

Robert Scott Bell Explains Why You Should Choose Organic!

New Video & Special Edition: Robert Scott Bell, who is hosted on Radio America USA 6 days a week, RSB's November 30, 2021 Interview with Robert F Kennedy Jr; a MUST watch!


It is time America to get off your lazy Gluteus Maximus, stop sitting on the sidelines and get involved in saving your nation, you are 1 click away from total loss! The Videos Below describe exactly under Law & the U.S. Constitution on how you can on a local level get involved, watch the videos, study, take notes, get involved, THIS IS THE LAST, FINAL CALL!

First Initiative In Restoring The Republic: Recognize & Install Grand Jury In Your County

Militia 2.0: Re-establishing The Constitutional Law Enforcers In The USA

Gino Jennings, False Apostle who attacked Non Denominational Believers like Yours Truly, Who is an Anti 2nd Amendment Left Wing Fascist Nazi Communist who praised New Zealand's Prime Minister for taking the guns; Who I openly on Social Media in 2020 Challenged him (and 3 others) to a me vs. 4 of them debate, never responded!

I fully support this following video, Pastor Bryan Denlinger exposes this Spawn of Satan as the Heretic Gino is!

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